Monster High Collectibles at Mr. Toys Toyworld!

It was first day for Frankie Stein, turning about 16 DAYS old, to step in Monster High. Anxious as she was, she came prepped with her newly charged franken-self, some nice heels and all the tips she read from teen magazines…hoping that high school will turn out to be good. It didn’t turn out too well and she wasn’t as fabulous as she imagined – at least, not yet. Next day she meets Cleo de Nile, who declares that Frankie goes at the bottom “of the popularity database” because the newbie was “one of the living”. Pretty soon she meets Draculaura in a class, a cheeky vampire who becomes Frankie’s first friend at the school. Frankie, together with her eventual ghoul friends (somehow she also cliqued with snobby Cleo), get into adventures in Monster High, witnessing monstah-fabulous stuff like magic spells, Zombie flashmobs, teenage dilemmas, cute boys and antagonists like Toralei Stripe.

If you are into Monster High, wait till you get your hands on the Monster High collectibles, at no other than Mr. Toys Toyworld! The little Monster High figurines come in different wardrobe and features. The gang’s figurine versions just flaunt it the way they do at the well-loved cartoon series. From groovy hairstyles, to pretty little dresses and cool fangs, they are the It-Creepy Crowd!

A character in this collection could be in an art class, a Ghouls night out, a music festival and other fascinating themes with every box set. Draculaura, Deuce Gorgon, Frankie and the rest of the gang come with different accessories to complement their en vogue the-monster-way outfits. Accessories differ, depending on the character’s personality; they may include those trendy bags and shoes, a gadget or a guitar, and even an elegant lounge to hang out with.

Certainly you’d love the exquisitely-detailed features of these Monster High toys – yes, they may not be stereotypical, but being the out-of-this-world vampires, zombies or werewolves that they are, make them just too cool and precious to not collect!

And the collectibles you can get don’t end there!  You can also have at Mr. Toys Toyworld the Monster High Secret Creepers figurines, a lip balm and other beauty products, a pretty bicycle and more. Find out at the toy shop’s page about the collectibles, and surprises await! These monster-lings indeed don’t fail to be awesome with their uberly-cute monster fashion and ways.

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