What are the Benefits of Learning to Play a Musical Instrument?

Have you ever seen someone struggling to learn to play a guitar, and you wondered whether it’s worth the trouble? Why might someone who may not necessarily be a musician go to the trouble of learning a musical instrument, or even studying an online sheet music? Numerous studies indicate that making music through playing an instrument can have a range of positive effects on an individual.

Below are some of the proven benefits of playing a musical instrument:

Stress Relief

According to WebMd, making music casually can “short-circuit” the brain’s stress reaction.  This is how it works: Your brain responds to a threat in the environment by activating genes that direct cells to produce chemicals linked to stress response. When you’re playing your favourite, say, violin sheet music, the genes that are connected to stress response are switched off. So, playing music is fantastic for your mental health.

Brain Development

Playing music can also be beneficial to the development of the brain, especially as a child, according to a report by the University of Kansas Medical Center. If you make it a habit to play or make music throughout your life, you’re actually challenging your brain to become fitter. As a child, playing music can be a tough cognitive exercise that prepares your brain for the challenges of aging. So, when you see that guitar sheet music online, playing it may be the exercise your brain could use for sustained sharpness.

Social Benefits

Do you sometimes watch with positive envy as someone plays the piano, even when reading online sheet music? People that know how to play any music instruments enjoy an enhanced social life because they can make people happy with music. Imagine being able to play your girlfriend’s favourite tune on a guitar as she listens!

Improvement on Patience

Learning to play music well involves two main phases: understanding the music theory and mastering a specific music instrument. Anyone that plays music well will tell you that it takes not days or weeks, but months to do it! As you struggle with chords, scales, and notes, you’re also challenging yourself to be patient enough to grasp everything. This level of commitment and focus on objectives can help in other areas of your life as well!

Enhancement of Music Production Skills

Nowadays, there’s computer generated music, and some people may get under the impression that one needs not learn a music instrument to produce music. Yet, most of the world’s best music producers have a perfect grasp of the music theory and they can play the piano or guitar extremely well. So, if you wish to master any music production software for professional application, learning to play an instrument gives you a head start.

You may play online sheet music for fun, but once you master playing a particular music instrument, you may enjoy much more benefits. From saxophone sheet music, to the guitar, trombone, and piano, numerous studies have shown that your brain can benefit from playing music.  Just master the courage and patience to focus on your objectives, if you haven’t started learning your favourite music instrument yet.